1. Always act responsible, professional, reliable and respectful!!!

  2. Do not involve yourself in comparison, jealousy or drama.

  3. We are always open to new ideas. If you want to do something, have ideas, have some issues, talk to our Hubient Action Team, we cover 15 different countries and 8 different languages.

  4. In this community, our members take pride in their performance and show who they are. Show the best of yourself. We will make sure to give you opportunities to get more reputation, fans, and income.

  5. Hubient is a family for the artists and entertainers. But we also have daughter families for anyone who shares our values and wants to be a part of a supportive community.

  6. We promote each other within the community. It is very important that we stick together and help each other grow.

  7. If you want your posts, photos or videos to be promoted on our platforms, please tag our Instagram @hubientmedia and fb.com/hubient and we will repost it.

  8. THIS IS OUR TEAM. Please check the descriptions and contact them whenever needed.