HUBient Channel Rules

1. Lighting

The background lighting and surrounding space need to be well lit. The environment should not be too dim or dark. Please avoid excessive use of light.

2. Posture

All the performers are required to stand the entire time of the performance. Artists with musical instruments (guitar, piano, etc.) may be seated.

3. Attire

All performers are required to dress appropriately. We strongly encourage clothing that reflects professionalism. Revealing clothing and black T-shirts are not allowed.

4. Camera

Make sure your camera is at a reasonable distance from your face – not too close and not too far. Performers need to make sure that all the props are included in the shot. The camera should be steady at all times.

5. Makeup

Female artists are required to wear makeup. Please use brightly colored lipstick so it stands out. Make sure your hair is styled appropriately for your performance.

6. Video quality

Your Internet connection needs to be stable. Hi-speed broadband Internet connection is recommended for all the broadcasters.

7. Time

Performers have to be live at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time and be presentable and throughout the whole duration of the slot

8. Communication

Give a shout out to your supporters but make sure you’re attention is focused on your performance.

9. Content

Unless clarified with admissions the performer should not include other people in their performance, as well as should not change the content planned and approved by admins.

10. Scheduling

One no show will result in a ban from Hubient Channel and other livehouse events for 2 weeks.
Reschedules and swaps are allowed ONLY at least 6 hours before the time slot. 2 late informed reschedules/swaps will result in a ban from Hubient Channel and other livehouse events for 2 weeks.

Performances will be evaluated constantly. Violating any of the above mentioned rules may result in a ban from Hubient Channel, Hubient events and as well as PH livehouse until issues are solved.

HUBient BIGO Rules

  1. We are a community of artists that want to show their best.
  2. As a community, we have Hubient channel as an available platform for our performers to show their talent. For being involved please see our rules.
  3. Do not beg for beans. We are a family that appreciates people and their support. Even one tap for a heart means something for us and Bigo.
  4. The more important we become the more bashers we are going to have. Nothing we can do but be mature and professional. Send screenshots with IDs or screen recording opening the profile to and and we will work on that problem. Don’t become basher. Let them go!
  5. Do not bash, do not talk about other families bad, do not discuss religion or politics.
  6. NEVER accept a PK from a person or family that you know has a bad history with bashing or bad punishment.
  7. NEVER video call or go to someone who has a bad history. Try to avoid private broadcasts with strangers.
  8. Never be rude on PK and don’t let fans bash at the opponent.
  9. Never accept a PK without knowing your punishment ahead of time.
  10. We are a very friendly community BUT please keep it friendly and professional.
  11. THIS IS OUR TEAM. Please check the descriptions and contact them whenever needed.